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  1. It was a nice little program was updated until 2013 now seems pretty dead hasn't been an update in years. Rest In Peace. Maybe next time don't add Malware/ Browser Spyware into your software setup.
  2. I just downloaded Imgburn and installed it... I didn't see Open Candy in the setup does this mean Open Candy is gone being Web-root is flagging it still.... I don't see any tool bars in Firefox, but I'm just wondering if the 3rd party software installed by its self. Or was it remove in a new update? I really don't want my passwords hacked from open candy but on the other-hand I do not see it anywhere on my computer. So I don't have a clue whats going on. If open candy is still in the software why not charge 20 dollars for the program, so you don't have to include spyware.. Just a suggestion.. But for real is open candy removed or could it be installing automatically. Heres a video of imgburn installing on my machine: https://youtu.be/kzOr-SGFwXA
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