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  1. Wow, community stuff is cool. Thanks Daystorm M5, can't wait to open my first .IBG !
  2. Windows 8 explorer gives you a graphical presentation of copy/move progress of files. The only error it gives is when you see the transfer graph is going way down to zero. I reset all Imgbrun settings and tried burning the same discs with ISO+UDF abnd at max 4x. This was a succes. Vericfication of files also made me smile. Although 1 BD-R disc tried to shoot my happiness down. I copied the 27 gig file on 1 disc to my computer. And the copy progress did not went smooth all the way though. Where you see the dip is when the transfer speed goes from 24mb/s to 10mb/s. Filetransfer completes and crc of file checks out. But I'm not happy. Approximation tells me the dip had to be around the layerbreak of the disc. Was it doing possible error correction? Imgburn log did not show errors. What software can help me examine this disc. And tell me which file at what spot on the disc could be having problems?
  3. I've ripped some Blu-Ray titles to my computer. The Blu-Ray folders play fine using my standard mediaplayer. When trying to burn these to a DL 50GB BD-R disc (first time using these discs btw.). Burns complete without error messages (no verify done yet just no calibration errors whatever). But when I try to copy all folders back from these discs to HDD (using IMGBURN or wndows explorer) files halfway reading the discs are corrupted. I have two coasters now with this same problem. Using explorer I can skip the files that are unreadable in this area but the rest after these corrupted files will copy fine. What could be wrong? Sorry I have no logs since IMGBURN did not save the log last time I used it to copy the Disc back to HDD. It really did not save it. Something with LC_uncorrectable errors. Both discs exhibit these errors halfway. Is it the layer break? It's also the first time I have used only the "UDF" filesystem. Because IMGBURN detected a BD-Disc structure and suggested to use UDF instead of the default UDF+ISO. I reset the software defauts now. Aand will burn some large files using standard settings to a DL disc and see what it does. Burner; Samsung SE506CB OS; Windows 8.0 core DIsc MID; VERBAT-IMf-000 (2x 4x 6x)
  4. I am still confused about this. I want to burn large files of 15gb and up. What filesystem options do I need to check before burning. In the CD-Audio days I remember there's two options, CD-audio has less to no CRC, and the other CD-ROM did have extended CRC correction written with the string od data onto disc. What about UDF for blurays, does this also write less CRC correction bits for Blu-Ray discs than say ISO or something?
  5. Last question, which filesystem options do I need for Windows long filename support? And some crc.
  6. So if I understand correctly.. Lets say I want to burn 25GB of various files to a 25GB BD-RE disc. I could utilize the full 25GB of available space, if I first create an image with these various files on my harddrive, then burn this image to the BD-RE ?
  7. Okay I'll do some more tinkering to try and find the answers. Where in Imgburn can I find disc information regarding available space in bytes/kilobytes? And regarding an earlier comment, you can get away burning an image larger than 22.5 gb to a 25gb BD-re am I correct? What if I made an image first that's close to full 25gb capacity I could squeeze in a few gigs more on dthe isc, opposed to just burning files to disc?
  8. Same goes for a BD-RE disc wich, from what I understand, needs to be formatted before usage? Additional question. I formatted anther empty BD-RE 25gb disc. This time with only "without spare areas" option enabled. Other two options for compatibility 'off'. It took only 49secs to do a full erase. What happened here. Did it do a quick-format instead and the disc is usable, but its surface area isn't checked for errors? Third question. I like my computer tidy and all. Where should I put the imgburn.exe. In Windows\Program Files (64 bit) or Program Files (x86) directory?
  9. There's two options alongside "Format wthour spare areas". One is " Format with Full certification". If I have Spare Areas opted out, would the option "full certification" on, comply with having to ADD spare areas anyway?
  10. Fast flashdrives arent too reliable either. On my mobile device transfers go from 190mb/s to a sudden 700kb/s per transfer. Why I don't know. It's for another forum. Plus quick flashdrives are more expensive than 1 25GB disc. For storing tv shows. And in the event of having to add more to fill up the disc. Because Im forest like that. Its more convenient for me. But flashdrive is taken to consideration!
  11. So windows gave me the option to use my freshly formatted 25GB BD-RE as 'flash drive'. So I can write/delete/rewrite files onto the disc. As far as I understand Imgburn does not offer this capability. Because Imgburn is all about Images. Writing a few files to a BD-RE would mean, I have to quick-format and then re-write the whole disc at once (If I understand wrong please tell me what is right). Back to using the BD-RE as a 'flash drive' within Windows explorer. re there any downsides?
  12. I've bought a Blu-Ray burner and some discs. Samsung SE506CB and Sony BD-RE 25GB/Go. discs. It's my understanding that 25,025,315,816 bytes ÷ 1024 = 24,438,784.977 KB ÷ 1024 = 23,866 MB ÷ 1024 = 23.307 GB. Imgburn should be able to format the 25GB discs to maximum capacity of 23.3GB for data storage. With the option "no use for spare sectors" enabled, I still get discs formatted @ 22.5GB according to Windows.. I am new to BluRay. What am I doing wrong?
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