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  1. Thanks for the link, but slightly different issue. Lightning is claiming that all the mirror sources should have the correct checksums (I agree!), and that the issue is probably coming from people clicking on the dodgy "download this <other crappy thing>" misleading link instead of the mirrored ImgBurn download link. I am saying that the ImgBurn setup file downloaded from each of the mirrors does not have matching checksums. The only one that does have correct checksum is the download from ImageBurn domain. Anyway, I am glad I checked the checksum before installing. Will only trust the sources from ImgBurn domain from now on.
  2. I followed the mirror links (from http://www.imgburn.com/index.php?act=download#) to downloaded ImgBurn . All of the mirrors had incorrect checksums. What was even more weird was they were all the same. Checksums should have been: CRC32: 1895061F MD5: BAD2829663BD834856262E9AF30FB45B SHA-1: 49CB5E216F7B17D3955043CD18B1AED0CA3464E5 But I got: CRC32: 1AF3CD36 MD5: n/a - didn't try SHA-1: 6A3D20796E1FCD4169D5D339AF6E491DCEA3367C I tried dddwnld, softpedia, majorgeeks and betanews - all failed with the same checksums. I jumped to the imgburn domain for the download and finally got a good one that matched the checksum. What gives? Regards, LGBB
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