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  1. It appears to me and others that imgburn has turned into a bad idea. When ever I start version 2.5.8.xxx which I installed directly from your site I get the following log entries in my router to these websites: /static/fonts/roboto/v11/Hgo13k-tfSpn0qi1SFdUffY6323mHUZFJMgTvxaG2iE.eot and /bg/mh9BvXvsxoRt2VwDBqXIVelkjjJrqSBaZhfLksfh10Q.js Having just been infected last night, and doing a clean install today, installing malwarebytes first and stepping thru each program carefully, this is the only application that showed any PUPS which, according to your lies I foolishly believed. Now, I'm seeing more problems.
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