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  1. While I have someone knowledgeable's attention:  Can a "regular" BR player (or BR drive) read my M-discs?  Or does it have to be M-disc compatible to read, too.  Didn't know if these were "special" for read and write or just for writing.  I don't have a normal player I can check with.  Asking so I know what is necessary to have to do a restoral of the data in case of disaster.


  2. Long time imgburn user and contributor.  About to burn my first M-disc.  I have a LG full height player that says M-disc on it's front (Model BE16NU50).  100G M-disc, this will be a data file backup.

    What are the best settings to create this disc with? :

    Mode 1 or 2?

    UDF only or UDF+ISO9660, or something else?

    Which UDF revision?

    Anything else I need to know?  Damn discs are pricey, I want to get it right on first try for obvious reasons.



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