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  1. Many thanks for that. I might need guidance on extracting a bootimage from the floppy disk, as I have a feeling that may be part of the difficulty I'm experiencing.
  2. I have ImgBurn v running under Windows XP Pro, and the machine has a DVD writer plus a 1.44 Mb floppy disk drive. I have a bootable DOS 6.0 floppy disk and I wish to make a bootable CD / DVD. I have tried several times but either get error messages or the DVD just isn't bootable. I'm wasting disks! Just to clarify, the machine will boot up on the floppy drive, and also on previously copied (using ImgBurn) bootable DVDs. So both drives and the software are fully functioning. Can anyone kindly point me to a step by step idiot's guide to doing what I thought would be a simple job.
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