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  1. As Spock would say “Sounds logical “ will do the same thanks
  2. Will bear that in mind, BUP or IFO....thanks
  3. Yes guilty as charged, I use this where possible on forums, hopefully not a bad thing.... the multi episode DVDs I create with CXtoDVD sometimes have one episode that refuses to play, found out this is the layer break.....using IMGBurn I choose a layer break that has the IFO file, no problems since Good to meet you..... they didn’t have a social distancing Moji
  4. I have burnt numerous dual layer DVDs, but mine are +R.....wonder why that should be ?
  5. Option to eject the disk once burnt This would be particularly handy when multiple disks are being burnt...
  6. There are several PC options Once a burn is complete shutdown, hibernate etc. Think it would be best if the description said PC Action on completed burn.....then it would be obvious that there are other options other than shutting down the PC, or make this tick box selectable, to change the Action and change the wording to what is selected, or simply change the wording to the selection made.....Or it could say PC Action ( choose one settings ) just an idea .....
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