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  1. What does this "Verify" option shown in the photo mean? if the option in Tools -> Settings -> Write -> Page 1 and make sure Verify Against Image File is checked is disabled and the option "Verify enabled" what is the result test data in dvd?
  2. I am not the user you are talking about I just had an experience handling DVD discs when someone was cleaning the bathroom using muriatic acid and Sodium hypochlorite 2.5% active chlorine and I thought they evaporate and spread around the house and enter the disc of DVD causing corrosion of the reflective metallic inner layer
  3. Who is LUK? he could also say if this option "Verify" only it checks the data on the DVD disc comparing the image for a long time I used only the "Verify" option shown in the photo
  4. The only option I knew I always checked was "Verify" as shown in the image but I went to Tools / Settings / Write / and has the option Check against Image and it is activated By default, is this option enabled or disabled? I remember I enabled some options but I don't remember if I enabled or disabled this option
  5. The content I burned on the DVD was a folder with many files inside it, most of the compressed files I ImgBurn I performed only the "Verify" option after burning the disc is not this option sufficient for data integrity on the DVD disc? In Nero DiscSpeed 12 after burning I chose read test is it not enough? example:
  6. I used standard DVD-R and MDisc DVD this verification of the content of the file image you mentioned is the "Verify" of ImgBurn and the Scan read of Nero DiscSpeed? in these two the result was 0 errors and 100% Good Is the problem of slow copying files from the DVD disc to the HD caused by the Kaspersky free antivirus that I use? which option should be enabled and I will check and disable?
  7. But my biggest doubt is whether to discard or store these burned discs (DVD MDisc Verbatim and Verbatim AZO DVD-R) and whether these burned discs are good or bad for long-term storage of files
  8. The liteOn iHas 122 is internal the verifications "Verify" of ImgBurn and Read test of Nero Discspeed were fast or medium speeds for conclude and it was not equal to 1 hour to copy the files from the DVD to the PC, the result of the verifications disc was 0 errors and 100% good
  9. bathroom cleaning If there is a vapor of muriatic acid or Sodium hypochlorite 2.5% active chlorine up in the air, will this vapor enter the DVD disc and corrode the metallic layer?
  10. 1 hour to copy files from DVD to PC My PC is i3 2120 8gb ram ddr3 1600mhz, W10 64bit, free kaspersky antivirus and free space on the 160GB hard drive If the disc was tested with Verify from ImgBurn and Scan Read Test from Nero Discspeed and showed no errors on that disc, is the recording on this disc good? or is the problem with the Verbatim DVD-R AZO disc and the DVD MDisc Verbatim? My drive is LiteOn iHAS122 Are the disks out of order and too bad for long-term storage and I throw them in the trash?
  11. I burned a Verbatim AZO DVD-R in 8x totaling 3GB of data many compacted files, folders etc, i scanned disc read test the nero discspeed 100% Good and Verify of the ImgBurn errors 0 but to copy the files disc to the PC the time was 1 hour, is this normal? Will I have to discard this disc, will it not have a long life? my drive is liteon 2017
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