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  1. Good morning Lightning UK. What is your name, by the way? I would suggest that you introduce an IBAN number to get money for donations. I have none of the shown methods of donation. I made a great software that is like a fast motorbike and all others are like a bycicle. You are a genius.
  2. In my opionion this is like "mission impossible" that really becomes impossible. Did'n Mamma teach you that an Open Source License software need to be used into a Unix type of platform? Of course you will always get malware or spyware and even viruses. And this poor man that made the software working tons of hours for it, now need to solve your virus issues? Hey! Don't ask too much! Your computer might even get the Coronavirus.
  3. These type of Linux based software are now adapted for MS-Windows, however I don't think the maker makes money just because it is still Open Licence software. Anyone could post it to distribute a copy and sometimes they attach malware to it. If you people want to stop this bad way of doing business you need to make a non-profit association and collect money to pay lawyers.
  4. It's hard to suggest improvements. Image Burn look quite perfect. The only thing that is missing is the image of the girl that says: "Ooohh nooo! "
  5. Hi there! Thank you for your e-mail. I did post it here because I was not sure I could get an answer by e-mail. Im gBurn was not the problem. The problem was the Seatool USB boot software. I could loose days to try to transfer the ISO image to a CD disk. The Seatool boot program gave me an error message that was asking me to use a different kernel because my processor was a 32 bit processor and not a 64-bit processor. (-: Maybe it is better for me to remove this post.
  6. Hi to all. I am Roberto from Italy. I am using a Windows OS. I downloaded the SeaToolsBootable software from Seagate. This software allows for verification of errors into the Hard Disk. The Seagate software only creates USB bootable keys and as far as I can see it appears that it can create a Linux type of USB bootable key. Therefore I did use ImgBurn to extract the ISO image from the USB key, then I did try to write the ISO file to a CD-RW disk. It came up with an error that says "unrecognized format". Why is the Seagate software able to do this trick and ImgBurn is unable to do the same?
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