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  1. First I want to thank you for your reply. The reason I would like to send the three video's is because I'd want to mail them to a friend overseas. I have the blank CD-R discs, which is what I learned you need to have, but after reading so many articles online trying to figure out how to download them, the common thread seemed to be in all of the articles I've read is that you need a software program that would allow you to do what I'm trying to do? I don't know if that's really true or are they just trying to get me to use their programs? The friend that I would like to send the three video's to is going to need to play them on her laptop. I'm sure that you can tell from my questions just how illiterate I am when it comes to computers. Thank you
  2. Hello, I'm sorry I'm not even sure how to do that. Would you happen to know how to do that? Thank you
  3. Hello, I just joined your site with the hopes that someone can help me with how I can burn three YouTube songs onto a blank disc. I've downloaded Imgburn on my computer, but after that I'm lost. I am not a tech savvy person at all, so if anyone can help me by giving me a step by step instructions on how to do what I'd like, I'd be forever grateful. Thank you
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