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  1. Well, I have just discovered that my unit is actuall a DW-Q120A......arrrrrr....I need Pyr2 or pys3 but I can not get hold of it anywhere...tried the The Firmware page but Sony do not have it......... H
  2. Thanks for the note: I'm using Datawrite DVD+R DL.....I will purcahse some Verbatim and give it go. that might explain why sometimes it does not even reconise that there is a disk in the drive...but others it does (then fails to burn...) where would one go for a firmware update? what is it exactly (new driver?) Thanks H
  3. Hi, When commence burn I get the following error message (bmp attached) Any idea's.........Sony AWG170A running on Windows ME... Thanks H error.bmp
  4. Hello all...110% new..... I have recently purchased a Sony AWG170A DVD?RW Internal 18x Dual Layer driver...it is fitted to an old PC I have (PIII running Windows ME) I seem to be having nothing but problems getting the burner to burn, no matter what program I use (I'm trying to back up some DVD's) I have just turned the PC off now because it has driven me up the wall, but tomorrow I will post the error message I keep getting when using Imgburn, something like an I/O error (already on 32). Just wondering if anyone has had experience with one of these untis before?? Thanks H
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