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  1. Without DVD disc what is the best medium to store files in the long term without needing power to use constantly? record files and store
  2. What happens when these spare sectors run out? will the files be saved in badblock bad sectors? Can files get corrupted during download or if they are saved in bad sectors of HDD or if they are already corrupted on the server?
  3. if the downloaded file is written to badblock bad sector of HDD it will corrupt and will be burned and DVD?
  4. in all my burns, imgurn's verify did not alert that the disk file was different from the HDD file
  5. I used the Verify option of ImgBurn in all my burns does this option say if the zip or rar file is corrupted?
  6. the I/O error is a hardware error and not a corrupt file ?
  7. if a file was corrupted during the download or was downloaded corrupted if i burn this file to dvd will imgburn issue some warning or not?
  8. a long time ago I burned some DVD media with imgburn and during burning it had I/O errors and I canceled so I used other media and the burning was completed but I didn't understand if the problem was in the file that was recorded on hdd if it was corrupted, if the error was in the media or if the error was in the dvd drive my doubt was if whenever the I/O error (E/S) appears I will be notified
  9. If the burning of the dvd with imgburn is completed at 100% and the verify option of imgburn gives 0 errors then the file that was burnt on the DVD is integration without corruption and is the DVD optical media good burning done? normally when i burn my dvd discs i use the verify option of imgburn and the scan read test of nero discspeed
  10. I/O error (E/S in Brazil) is an error that will always be shown when burning the DVD preventing the media from being burned and I think the burning is good but the burning is not good? I/O error (E/S) is a corrupt file error or defective dvd drive or dvd media?
  11. If the zip or rar file gets corrupted during the download or it is already corrupted on the server when burning and Verify test to DVD with imgburn does it show I/O error?
  12. Device error or disc error I/O error (E/S in Brazil) is shown while burning or reading or Verify within ImgBurn or not? example: when copying file or folder example: cannot copy file ...zip the request cannot be executed due to an I/O device error (E/S in Brazil)
  13. I burned the DVD and I didn't see any errors the burning was completed which photo message is shown in an error of this type?
  14. the situation is as follows, I have a HDD with some bad sectors badblocks, I downloaded zip, rar, exe files to this HDD and I burned to DVD the burning was finished but I don't know if these files were downloaded in bad sectors of the HDD corrupting them and then secretly burned these files damaged by being in bad sector badblock or if any message is shown?
  15. ImgBurn shows some error message if some file on my HDD is located in bad sector badblock? i analyzed it and i realized that my HDD has some bad sector badblock (reallocated sector count) and i thought my files were downloaded in those sectors
  16. what tips for long term storage my internal SATA DVD drives ASUS? i store many
  17. Help me please I'm desperate looking for M-Disc DVD 4.7GB spindle of 10 or 15 units to buy but I can't find it at a good price for Brazil, here I don't sell it but on amazon, ebay, newegg the freight and rates are too high someone can you help me?
  18. I would think to contact the M-Disc Verbatim DVD manufacturer but I don't know the actual manufacturer of this disc in 2016 i have stored two asus internal sata dvd drives model DRW-24F1MT/BLK/B/AS and i wanted to keep them for future use
  19. thank you for the explanation I had CMC discs in 2013 but today I have M-Disc DVD Verbatim and I burned files on it in your opinion M-Disc has more resistance than other discs in glue and polycarbonate?
  20. Will it survive even without me knowing the PIE, PIF and jitter values after burning the M-Disc DVD?
  21. i thought M-Disc DVD was marketing for a living decades the truth is i just ran the read test but i know that PIF, PIE and jitter secretly increase
  22. i store files on mdisc dvd for a few years but the only test i ran was read test 100% good but i don't know if it's recommended to do these pie, pif and jitter tests before storing m-discs for the long term?
  23. M-Disc DVD Verbatim have PIE, PIF and jitter errors after burning?
  24. M-Disc DVD produces many PIE, PIF, jitter errors after burning files? on DVD M-Disc discs stored for long periods without use do PIE, PIF, jitter errors increase more compared to moderately used discs?
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