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  1. Thanks for all the assistance. I've been able to create a bootable ISO using ImgBurn. Now I have to try it again with the Enterprise edition of Windows 11.
  2. Tried those parameters (sectors to load =4 before I tried your suggestion of 1). It worked, with your suggestion of 1 sector to load. Of course, installation failed, but I think that I can handle (vTPM VM encryption, etc.) Thank you!
  3. Ah! Does the product need an update or does the guide need an update (or both)?
  4. Haven't read or created a disc in years. Tossed out my unopened DVD writables a few months ago. Probably too old to be useful, even if I needed them. Backup is to a pair of Synology NASes (full backup --10.1TB -- every six hours) and to CrashPlan and Google Drive (in near-real time).
  5. As far as I am aware, Windows 11 requires UEFI boot. The VM is configured for UEFI. That's actually the default these days. Regarding UltraISO, it looks like it makes it easy to just delete a file from an ISO and save the ISO back, but the trial has a limit of 300MB, so I can't verify that it actually works. I am on the fence for the $20. I might never use it again except for this one time.
  6. I found the guide. Not sure how I missed it last night when was looking. I followed the easy directions to a T other than selecting ISO as output. Unfortunately, the ISO doesn't seem to be bootable. At least the VMware (ESXi) Remote Console is unable to boot a new VM from it.
  7. I have a Windows bootable ISO (from Microsoft). I wish to remove a single file from that ISO and re-create the ISO. The ISO is a bootable image. I've tried extracting the original ISO, deleting the file and rebuilding the ISO, but it won't boot. I am not certain which of the files needs to be set as the bootable file and any other parameters that need to be appropriately set. Please assist me.
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