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  1. Yes, I hope it’s due to the discs I’m using... I’ll give it a go with verbatims as suggested.. I’ve burnt ISOs in the past with this same burner and software, but I got this error with some of the ISOs. I always thought it was the files themselves, mainly downloaded from the net… I wonder if other users of same computer are experiencing issues with their cd burners…? Sony VAIO vgn ar41s laptop
  2. Actually I was wrong, the disc are in fact empty. Here’s the info in “read mode” thnx
  3. The log I’ve posted is of another iso I’ve tried burning without any luck either… I get the error every time…
  4. Hi there, I’ve been trying to burn an iso image onto a cd-r and for some reason I always get this error. The destination media supported write speeds are: 4x, 8x I’ve then set write speed accordingly however, after “cycling tray before verify” I always get this error. ”sector mode not equal (1, 1, 1/3)” Checking the cd-r, it seems to have been written though… I don’t know what else I can try.. any ideas? thnx🤕
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