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  1. I really appreciate your fast response. Thank you so much for your help. You're a legend.
  2. I think it's worth mentioning, I'm using this new drive because my LG SP60NB50 was hanging for way too long at zero percent. If this can be corrected somehow, I would also be somewhat satisfied with that result.
  3. I keep seeing this error: W 18:43:33 Set L0 Data Zone Capacity Failed! - Reason: Power Calibration Area Error I'm not very familiar with this type of technology, but from what I understand, the drive is testing a write and stopping after the test is failed. I do not have space in my PC for an internal disc drive, so I purchased this USB one from amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07TS5SHHY?psc=1&ref=ppx_yo2_dt_b_product_details I'm going to assume this drive is comically low-quality trash, and that I should probably be embarrassed, but I'm still holding out hope that this can still somehow be salvaged. This was not easy for me to afford. I'm using verbatim 2.4x DVD+R DL discs, and my current task is burning legally obtained classic Xbox disc images to these DVDs as backups for my modded Xbox. This happens with music and video files on single-layer discs as well, and writing doesn't work in any other burning software. If there's truly nothing I can do, please recommend what drive I should get. I want a drive that can "do it all" read/write-wise from single layer CDs all the way up to Dual-layer Blu-ray. Portability is not a concern, I'm fine with getting an enclosure for an internal drive if I must, I just don't want to encounter errors like this anymore. I'm willing to really shell-out for one if I have to. ImgBurn.log
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