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  1. PS: the guide I've tried and failed with is the 2007 guide posted on this site. I found a slightly newer guide on another forum, but it too did not work, even tho I followed it to the letter. Same results: alphabetical order by title, not numerical order by designated number. There's got to be a way to do this. Windows Media Player is useless for making a compilation CD and Windows 10 has disabled one's ability to burn an audio CD by simply inserting a blank disc and adding tracks. Computers were once so much easier to use. Those days are long gone.
  2. I've wasted several CD-Rs trying to burn a compilation CD in my desired track order. Each track is designated in numerical order, and also in the metadata. I prepared a .cue sheet according to existing tutorials for older versions of ImgBurn (my version is, from before malware infested the program). I still get tracks in alphabetical order; yes, I am trying to burn an audio CD. Do I need to convert all the tracks to another format, such as .wav, to make the .cue file work properly? The solution is probably some bone-dumb simple thing, but ImgBurn is, like so many programs of the last decade, so over-ornate that it's hard to use. The obvious is not made obvious. Any friendly, non-surly advice is greatly welcomed. Thank you.
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