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  1. Windows 10 Pro 21H2 Pioneer BDR-209M drive Plextor BD-R media ImgBurn I've used ImgBurn successfully for years. Workflow is I create an ISO of files with ImgBurn and then burn the ISO to a BD-R disk. Lately, after every few burns, ImgBurn hangs after "Write Speed Successfully Set!" with the message "Querying Device Advanced Settings...". When it hangs, I have tried: Press the abort button. I'm asked to confirm the cancellation, and then it says "Abort Request Acknowledged", but it continues to hang. Press the abort button again. I get "Please be patient, I head you the first time!". Close the window. I get "Please be patient, I head you the first time!". Eject the disk. Continues to hang. Disable and then enable the drive from Device Manager. Continues to hang. Kill ImgBurn from the Task Manager. Then restart ImgBurn. Will get stuck in the same place every time. Reboot the computer. This resolves the matter for a few burns. This drive is getting old and I'm happy to replace it to resolve the matter. However, I'm filing this as a Bug Report because the behavior is surely not intended. ImgBurn is otherwise a great product. Thanks in advance for your assistance!
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