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  1. Thanks for the replays, I will ignore the errors
  2. Hey, i also have it with other cds but they are also old (bootleg) games. i bought alcohol 120% and have the same. Must be something how it has been pressed.
  3. Hey, yes all different brands, sata ide and usb. Also different computers and laptops. also because it’s all at the 99% mark i though it was strange,
  4. Good morning, I have a question, i am making backups of a lot of old games, but in IMGburn, at the 99% mark i get a Random Positioning Error. See the log attached, its also not with all the cd's but with most. I tried 4 different drives (not in the log) but it all gives me the same error. The cds seem work fine, but i cant be 100% sure, can i ignore the error ? ImgBurn.log
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