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  1. Hey learning what doesn't work is often a great first step to learning what does work. haha😁 I'd upvote you but I hadn't seen anywhere I can do that on this site.
  2. Well dbminter I certainly appreciate your efforts to assist me. You certainly have a good rest of your day!
  3. Sorry for the delay, got pulled away on something else. .I've retrieved a blank disc. .extracted the original to a new folder. .formatted the blank disc. as UDF 2.01(default) * Windows was unable to complete the format * I also switched to UDF 2.5 just to be sure and got the same popup. .Once I go to the extracted file open XYZ.WMPLib; ImgBurn comes up with an error: "Invalid or unsupported image file format!" to clarify this error comes up as imgBurn is opening. It doesn't have a source selected and the destination is the (RW) disc. .select to search for source; make my way to newfolder .change file type from supported to all files . select XYZ.WMPLib .At this point the "Invalid or unsupported image file format!" error reappears. and the source is set back to "please select a file..." I hope this is detailed enough to help explain the steps I've taken with the new disc. On the bottom left of ImgBurn it does say "disc not empty" I can certainly try a new disc but I retrieved this from a blank stack and nothing is visibly showing
  4. so on the root folder I have the file for hippa reasons we'll call "file1" which doesn't open as it's currently listed as unknown it is .WMPLib I did try changing it to windows media player but it gave an error. the second file is BIN- which contains a chrome file(assumed to be the link for the study but it only says "a report was not issued for this study" when I click it. BIN- imgBurn Bin-microd ( its empty; I do have view set to show hidden items)
  5. The image/ "study" /Xray in the properties opens with: Unknown. Any ideas on what to change it to in order to view it?
  6. I am trying to view the X-ray on the disc; the ImgBurn on the disc said it needed to update. (it was a compressed file I extracted to my desktop .) from there I am lost because every other disc we get simply works (the first time I've encountered a company that uses ImgBurn).
  7. I put the disc in it tells me to download 'ImgBurn'. I get to this site and download the current version. Extract the compressed file. I open ImgBurn (no clue what I'm supposed to click to view the images) I tried creating an image from the disc, verifying the disc, I tried selecting the read/build/verify modes.
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