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  1. Yes, it was . Windows Memory Diagnostic in Basic Mode also detected no errors and passed. Then I used a different PC to make a new ISO image from those files/folders and burned it on the same CMCMAG-CN2-000 BD-RE disc and its verification failed the same way as before(Miscompare at LBA: 11239018, Offset:1004, File: \BDMV\STREAM\00007.m2ts). At last the compilation was burned on a TDKBLD-WBA-000 BD-RE without any verification problems but there are still two mysteries: 1. When I mounted the first ISO (with Virtual CloneDrive) the m2ts files in it had checksums that were different from the original files'. 2. The same CMCMAG-CN2-000 BD-RE disc returned no verification errors when 23 GB of data was written to it as a test after two unsuccessful burns/verifications of those BDMV files on it. What possibly could be the cause?
  2. Hi, I'm having a strange problem, The scenario: 1. A blu-ray movie directory structure is rebuilt using BD-Rebuilder. 2. The files/folders are written to a CMCMAG-BA5-000 BD-R disc using ImgBurn with Blu-ray Writer No. 1(Pioneer BDR-206). 3. The verification fails saying "Miscompare at LBA: 590131, Offset: 1991, File: \BDMV\STREAM\00006.m2ts" 4. I create an "image from files/folders." 5. The (new ISO) image is buned on a CMCMAG-CN2-000 BD-RE with Bluray Writer No. 2(LG BE14NU40). 6. Again, the verification fails at LBA: 888342, Offset: 583, File: \BDMV\STREAM\00006.m2ts. 7. I checked the 00006.m2ts file in the ISO image ImgBurn created for the second burn and found that its checksums are different from the original file's, in other words the file is modified once in the process of making the ISO and once when being written on the actual disc from the ISO. Is this a problem with my software and/or hardware? Is there any solution for it? Your response is greatly appreciated.
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