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  1. I also applied a software patch for dual layer support . Just a warning for everyone, don't try MKM-003 on PS2 .
  2. Yes, it's modded both hardware and software . I even tried to disable the chip, same result . I used an external Verbatim drive and i could write at 3x . But on an internal LG drive the minimum is 4x . Bitsetting was manually set to DVD-ROM in both cases .
  3. Hello . I am trying to burn a Playstation 2 dual-layer game , i have tried multiple MKM-003-000 discs , tested on 2 consoles but it just won't read them . I also tried some CMC MAG-D03-64 and i had better results with those !? .. even if they stop working after a while . Can you go under 4x writing speed or it's a disk limitation ? I'm also attaching a log . ImgBurn.log
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