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  1. Great joke, Shamus! Happy Birthday, Corny!
  2. Honestly, how much negative press can one company get? Part of me believes that the whole blue diode shortage is a bunch of crap....just a tool to generate more hype in the US over Sony's overpriced console. At least people in Japan and the US can still sleep outside Target and Best Buy the night before hoping to catch a glimpse of an over-priced, over-hyped piece of Sony merchandise that was priced on it's "potential" according to Ken Kutaragi.
  3. Dammit! 6-8 weeks for delivery?
  4. Super, now I have to worry about my anti-virus program screwing up my computer which, ironically, is what it is suppsed to prevent in the 1st place.
  5. Yup, was just in MSCONFIG un-checking crap that I didn't want in the Start-up menu. I was careful to avoid disabling anything associated with Windows (but not careful enough apparently). Once I restarted my computer to accept the changes, everything went nuts. Maybe there is something else at work here....a virus maybe....who knows.
  6. You could have hooked the hard drive up to another computer and booted from the OS in that computer to access your files on your hard drive. I had considered that but there was nothing crucial to the survival of the human race on there, just some stuff on the drive that I'm not sure I backed-up anywhere else.
  7. I tried using the Recovery Console when all else failed and it wouldn't even recognize that XP was installed at all. All I got was a DOS C:\ prompt. The damn drive is now in the process of formatting itself anyway. I guess I really didn't need all of those Top Secret documents detailing who was behind the Kennedy assassination anyway......
  8. Looks like I have to re-format the whole drive since I just got a message saying that the C: drive is too full or damagedand must be reformatted. All I wanted was to speed up the whole start-up process! I swear to God!!! MEMO TO SELF: Always back-up the important shit........
  9. Thanks! Next, I have to screw up the TV so I can convince her we need a HD set!
  10. Won't be able to play around with it until after work tonight, but thanks for the help guys.
  11. I could have sworn I was only eliminating non-essential programs from the Start-up menu, however that is apparently not the case. Believe it or not, I've already tried the "REPAIR" option and all I get is a DOS prompt. WTF? Tried the "Last Known Good" option as well. Sends me right back to the screen telling me to boot in Safe Mode. Maybe I'll try to convince the wife that it REALLY IS the time to buy a new computer..... Thanks for your response Lightning!
  12. Well, it looks like I've sabotaged my own computer. I was running MSCONFIG and trying to eliminate some memory hogs from my Start-up menu and when I restarted my system to accept the changes, I get a screen telling me that Windows did not start successfully. I then get 4 choices: 1. Safe Mode 2. Safe Mode with Command Prompt 3. Safe Mode with Networking 4. Start Windows normally I've tried to boot the computer in all 4 of the above modes but Windows fails to load and I end up at the same screen aksing me what mode I want to boot in. DAMMIT! I'm running Windows XP Home Edition with Service Pack 2 on a Gateway PC with a 2.0Ghz Pentium 4, and 768MB of RAM. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I would hate to do a complete reinstall and risk losing everything on my hard drive. Thanks!
  13. Indeed, Happy Birthday Shamus!
  14. Supposedly, it was a demo disc that was shipped to retailers to use in their in-store Xbox 360 kiosks. oops!
  15. Feliz Cumpleanos, Corn!
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