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  1. Thank you for the info. That definitely answers my question. It's what I suspected, but I wasn't really sure until you supplied the numbers.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. You are right about the variable bitrate, but the audio has the same problem. I was just wondering since someone came up with a stardard audio bitrate to calculate from, that the same could be done for video. For instance, using a blank DVD-RAM in my Panasonic, the disk-info screen tells me I have 2 hours of video that I can record in Standard Play mode. If I change modes, it adjust the time accordingly. Now, when I remove the DVD-RAM from the living room and place it in my PC (Samsung DVD recorder), it tells me I have 510 minutes. And if I have a 1-hour recording on it, the Panasonic tells me I have 1 hour of space left, while the Samsung under IB tells me I have 250 minutes of space left. I was hoping that we could select a bitrate as a benchmark . . . say . . . a fixed bitrate that would allow a 2-hour recording on 1 single-sided DVD, and calculate video time from there. It really isn't a big deal for me, I was just curious about how the "510" is being calculated, and what it actually represents.
  3. First off . . . N I C E piece of software LUK! Curious about the time displayed along with number of sectors, etc. Am I correct in assuming that 510 minutes of recording time on a 4.7gb blank disk is for recording audio? If so, is it possible to display the recording time for SP Mpeg2 video? . . . or maybe both? Since 510 is already calculated, there's probably a constant that could be used to derive the video time. Spent an hour searching the forum before posting this, hope I didn't miss something.
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