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  1. 120 is a retarded standard that needs to be changed. 120 creates ENORMOUS power transmission loss. Would you like a lower electric bill? 240 is the way to go. You can thank Edison for his BS scare tactic campaign against AC
  2. Nope. The XBOX, a product of the USA, plays PAL DVDs and outputs NTSC XBOX + Xecuter + Xbox Media Center
  3. The UK doesn't have an immutable foundation for citizen rights so it'll be a bit more difficult for you people to exercise personal liberty. And since you've sold your souls collectively to the EU, like Blessed Clinton tried to do to the US population by abdicating sovereignty to the evil united nations, its going to take more effort than your progressive hearts can allow I for you
  4. supermediastore would skin their own mothers alive to make a buck. Its nice to see a smattering of truth there... but that's a rarity... don't expect to see any more truth on their site
  5. how do "lazy" and "command line" go together??
  6. get FREE ReNamer from here http://den4b.com/ its VERY AWESOME
  7. you people with concerns about data integrity should burn PAR2 volumes on your discs.. or on an additional disk!!
  8. PLEXTOR DVDR PX-716A 1.10 I full-erased this Ritek 8x DVD+RW (RITEK-008-00). Now imgburn status shows: Ready (Disc Needs Formatting) Where is the format command?
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