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  1. Yes I know it handles the subtitles already there. I meant when they weren't there as is the case with non VTS/Blu-ray commercial files. 

    How fast is your FPS when converting Blu-ray or a 1080p file to DVD using ConvertXToDVD? They say that the original resolution from the source determines the speed of the conversion because of it going to DVD. I don't buy this because the same resolution within say a .AVI file gives me off the charts conversion speeds. Right now I'm hovering at 20.7 fps from a 1080p Blu-ray file. Most posts about this VSO basically ignores.

  2. VSO has as I see an output default size for certain sized source files. If the source video is @ 2GB or a tad more, then their resulting DVD VTS Folder will be 3.94 GB or a tad less. So that's about 2GBs more than the source file. That'll almost always put it higher than a 4.7GB blank. Maybe I'll put 2 related source files on a DVD. It'll work out the same as using a DVD DL and adding more to that. 

    I tested my external LITEON during a copying session, and let's just say I'll be using it more as a burner. It buzzes past my LG internal, though it was hooked up to ImgBurn. The LG was using another app. I have to load both burners in ImgBurn with comparable sources, and see how they fair. I'm waiting to see how LITEON'S external Blu-ray writer fairs. It hasn't been out that long.

    If you want to check out a Conversion app that surprised me and I have it, checkout Power2Go. I tested the Video to AVC H.264 Blu-ray conversion and it buzzed through with an exceptionally great looking M2TS file in the BDMV folder. Their conversion from .mp4 etc... to DVD VTS is also faster and with exceptional output as well. Only thing no subtitle support, which I'm beginning to not mind much during conversion, and more towards afterwards in the same folder as you suggested. I wonder why none of the usual suspects in Video Conversion, Burning, Editing, etc... don't create some software that'll either snatch the sub out of the file or somehow create/get the correct fitting one to include with source?

  3. Handbrake will convert your Blu-ray into an mp4/mkv smaller than the original Blu-ray disc? Don't they come super huge, or that's just the blank Blu-ray discs? If the blanks come in BD-25, BD-50, that means the commercial discs have to be at least that large no? Honestly I don't know. I'm guessing here. If it does make them a manageable 2-3GB size that's a huge amount of compression. 

  4. When I mentioned the 720p I was alluding to the source file before conversion. If it was a download usually you'll have the option of either 1080p, 780p, and sometimes 3D. All Blu-ray rips depending where you go, or unless every source comes from an actual disc. The 720p files will usually come under 1GB, maybe a tad more depending where you go. Now converting to DVD the quality will usually be the same from either 720p or 1080p, though if you use a 720p source file then you'll have room for just a DVD-5, though not all the time either. That's what I was asking. Do you prefer 1080p as your source file all the time? Even if we use a DVD+R DL, unless both the source and DVD Video_TS folder total about 4GB or a tad more, then we're wasting about 4GB space with the DVD+R DL. I can't help choose 1080p regarding some movies as the Marvel Comics Series etc... For the sake of getting the best out of my space maybe I'll put 720p in there with the DVD VIDEO_TS with either a DVD-5 or DVD+R DL. We have 4.38GB and 8.5GB to work with respectively. I just finished some conversions of 1080p .mp4 files and the resulting DVD Video is almost twice the size of the original 1080p source file. Now remember we can't always go by that formula because a 720p source file may be longer in duration and have more action scenes, so ConvertXToDVD will optimize those scenes using a VBR all the way through at Constant Quality. I remember playing around with MeGUI and setting the output to file size for about 1CD to every 2hours of video I think, am not sure, will post back if anything. Bottom line the .mp4 produced were really nice at those sizes.

  5. On 1/21/2019 at 6:54 PM, dbminter said:

    Since BD-R lasts longer than recordable DVD because they use organic dyes which decay faster and BD-R burns metallic oxides which last longer, I will often times make a long term archive of a DVD Video to them.  Blu-Ray players won't play them because Sony was so pissy they dictated that Blu-Ray players don't check the folder structure to see what the media is to play but check for the media type inserted to decide to how to play them.

    Did you mean here that Sony will not permit playback of Blu-Ray Blanks no matter what they have inside all across devices including their own? Or just with other Blu-Ray players? They will only allow commercially sold Blu-Ray movies to be played everywhere?

    On 1/24/2019 at 10:20 AM, dbminter said:

    I don't know, though; maybe ConvertXToVideo has a DVD Video VIDEO_TS output option.

    Yes ConvertXToVideo has a DVD Video VIDEO_TS output option, though it may only deal with Main Title.

    Unbelievably so the Trisonic DVD-R I wrote about are coding out to MID: MCC 03RG20. They do look good straight out their packaging. I'm going to look into this and see how I might be able to buy them Wholesale for burning.

    On 1/21/2019 at 11:23 AM, dbminter said:

    Of course, what I do with a best of the best MP4 is create a DVD out of it, burn the DVD with the VIDEO_TS folder AND the MP4 to a DVD AND keep the MP4 file on my external HDD. 

    When you do this do you use DVD-5 for one DVD VIDEO_TS folder and the source MP4? Pretty hard to do with many titles as more than not unless you're doing 720P the DVD-5 will be too small. I'm asking because I'm starting all over and if I purchase DVD+R DL, then I don't want to waste space either. As you suggested maybe 2 related VIDEO_TS folders and it's MP4 source is suffice to one DVD+R DL. There's negligible difference between a 720P and 1080P output of the same source, though the added space with the 1080P output is about 1/2 the size of the 720P larger. Most at 720P should fit into a DVD-5 with its VIDEO_TS folder. Thanks.

  6. @Ch3vr0nyes you can configure it and maybe it's better than having to change all of them in the beginning. I also see that when editing any of the sections you can choose to whether or not apply the edit to all said sections. Although I tried in vain.


    @dbminter I see WonderShare has a free Video Converter as well? Any input on this? Also has the Guides been updated as far as what's happening with the most recent burners? I'm maybe looking to get a Bluray burner. Thanks.

    Ok so the User Guide for VSO isn't that specific as I just now noticed that you can actually select all the internal subtitles for given DVD VTS Folder. At the very bottom of the preview where you have your audio and subtitle streams the option is there to select/deselect all audio/subtitles. I knew that this had to be included, though one never knows does one. Lol...

  7. It won't prompt you. It will stay as 'und' and still convert, though when you insert it into w/e player that also might bring it up as 'und'. Now lets say you have more than one subtitle? Then you'll have to figure out which is what language. If you're always working with direct rips from the original discs then most likely you'd wouldn't see much of the 'und' because they'll more than not have it identifiable. Some won't though even from the original disc. I keep saying I'm not going to mess too much with inserting the subs, and just do as you and others have suggested, to just burn it along with the file. I'm talking MP4 conversion from other sources, not DVD from others. ConvertXToVideo will only let you add additional external subtitles to the finishing file apart from only one internal subtitle. Audio it seems to automatically add, and at least allow for more than one internally. I suggested to them to please try to implement more than one internal subtitle, especially for MP4. ie:Your source disc or file has 2 or more different audio tracks and the subtitles to go with it from scratch. You won't be able to convert all at the same time. Basically you're stuck with two conversions.

    Who's your main converter software to other formats besides DVD? I really need to find another one. VidCoder just did a whole new GUI update etc..., though it failed me about 5 times.

  8. When you load a file w/e the container into ConvertXtoDVD etc... if the audio file/subtitle file doesn't have a language identifier then ConvertX will show it as 'UND' meaning undetected. Now you know that it's English or w/e from being aquainted with the file. So do you leave it as such or manually change it to the correct language? ConvertXToDVD etc... asks in general settings if the Audio or Subtitle file has no 'identifier' would you like to make 'your choice here from drop down window' the default language identifier? I can put it as 'Eng" and eliminate having to do it manually most of the time, though sometimes it's not English so I would have to change it manually anyway.

    This is my USB Burner: LITE-ON USB 2.0 External CD/DVD Drive Model EBAU108. Now by Slim model are you describing something like this or about half the size of a regular 5.25" bay Burner? Could be ImgBurn is just better than the other proggie, or this here LITEON even at 8x read/write is just faster. I am using a USB 3.0 port, though connected via a USB 3.0 to USB 2.0 adapter cable. My mobo isn't 3.0 ready.

    My whole "Batman The Complete Animated Series" is in .avi and all those episodes show up as 'undetected'. This is why I ask.

  9. I meant that the player will read the subtitle most of the time if it's in the same container and named the same as the source file, in this case non - VTS files. This is exactly why converting to DVD is better because of the almost 100% guarantee the subtitle will be included soft or hard coded. VSO actually suggests hard coding them into the file because of some limits regarding the DVD file structure. I've yet to experience the other formats such as ASS/SSA.

    Do you switch the language identifier regarding the audio and/or subtitle to the proper language before conversion and burning? It's a pita when you have a large project and for w/e reason the source files don't have a language identifier. I tried applying the changes to all the files in the project to no avail. I really don't believe that all the features presented in most of these proggies actually work. I've never been able to use offset regarding subtitles with any luck whatsoever!

    ImgBurn last night actually beat my other drive building/burning/verifying with my USB Slim LITEON that tops out at 8x. How could that be? Is USB that much better than sata? Or is LITEON that much better than my LG HL-DT-STDVDRAM GH24NSB0? Or is ImgBurn better/faster than the other software? If it's the USB than having a couple would be great if there was room. One would have to get an extension USB cable for sure.

    Speaking of outside the box if you run into a file or files that for w/e reason are taking forever to convert ,in this case MP4, convert them into another format which you've known to zip right through to MP4. I've tried both .AVI and .MPG with similar success. Right now I'm topping @145 fps. on a Dual Conversion with ConvertXToVideo from .AVI to H.264 .MP4 AAC. So when you run into that occasional file that w/e proggie you're using either won't process, or is pain stakingly slow, either throw it as is into another proggie, or convert it into another format then proceed as usual.

  10. I'm getting ready to chuck VLC and buy Cyberlink's PowerDVD. I think I'm going back to MPC HC, though it hadn't been able to tackle h.265 that well. Not that I target them, though some have come like that. VLC does a decent job with that VLSub getting the .srt for the file you're watching. My issue is that no matter even if I named the .srt exactly as the .mp4 file it wouldn't automatically enable it. I had to do it myself, even if it was soft-coded inside. Now that's another $20 pesos as they say because after configuring ConvertXtoVideo to include the .srt all I got was Chapter Number names and no .srt. Now, I'm not 100% sure if it was all ConvertXtoVideo as VidCoder was used as well at some time. Bottom line from going online, and even talking to more experienced users, the consensus seems to be that for some reason .mp4 has issues with .srt etc... Yes MKV does handle them better, but everything better be synced with the original file before converting to MKV, and let's face it, not all hardware plays MKV. Fix? Get a really nice .mp4 file and burn it with the .srt along side with the exact name of the video file. Many players will recognize this and insert it. This is a very strong reason why I'm thinking of converting my best etc... to DVD anyway. If audio was 100% understandable there would be no need for .srt. It's not though.

  11. Do you mean that MP4 has issues with subtitles over all, or just with Blu-ray files conversion? Reason I ask is because I noticed that many of the MP4 files which I'm almost certain I included subtitles for, either don't play them or didn't transfer into the mp4 at all. What I've been seeing is the words "chapter" plus w/e number it is and nothing else. I'm trying to steer clear of hard-coding them in  I also for the life of me haven't been able to automatically play subtitles with VLC and in this case MP4 files. Nothing I tried like putting English as the default subtitle language, and naming both files exactly the same. Wouldn't budge. I have to manually put them in. 

    There just might be something about .MP4 files with respect to subtitles and certain software that I haven't seen posted. If you have please share. Thanks.

  12. Well obviously there's more than one way to skin a cat! That is a very ingenious idea, and I must say that I think very few people have thought about doing something like that. Now to come back to what's going on here, I just noticed that the files that were transferred using convert x to video did not do a good job with the subtitles for some reason. Either I did use convert xvideo for them or it was VIdCoder that didn't get the job done. Well I just went to my favorite you know what site and just downloaded the MP4 version of the files anyway. It would have took me forever to try to sync subtitles to these MKV files and then convert them to MP4. Something in that MKV file structure is just not in sync the same way as a MP4 container. Whoever invented it I guess had other ideas with it.

    That WinXDVD Ripper Premium I cautioned you about is some program when it works! Again when it works it is some program! Only thing is that it just doesn't work well all the time. It'll take a DVD disc and on the fly it will rip it to MP4 with subtitles and everything. When it does do a good job it does an excellent job. The only thing is you don't know when it's going to do a good job or not. VIdCoder is the same. When it works it works. I gave Handbrake a try for MP4 conversion and just configuring it is a task tstl. It's great for some though. There's no need to complicate anything you're trying to sell or give away.  

    Is CDs work just a bit larger you be able to burn a data DVD I'm them and get away with that. Big big savings when you're buying CD - R compared to DVDs. Unless data burned becomes less than when it's in video format. I'm not sure if it works that way.

  13. Ok so after you convert say a .mp4 file to DVD using ConvertXToDVD, you take the resulting VTS folder and burn it along with the source .mp4 file to a DVD blank? Now ImgBurn can either burn it as is, ir rather data, or as a DVD Video correct? My question is if one chooses to burn it as a DVD Video doesn't all the files have to be in VTS structure? Or it justs means that the contents are being burnt to a DVD blank? ImgBurn doesn't convert non-dvd files to a VTS folder as ConvertXToDVD does correct? Or does it mean that it'll burn w/e to a DVD blank and make it playable? I think imgBurn knows when a VTS folder is involved and asks "would you like to create a DVD Video Disc?" I'm going to do it this way and it can only be done with a ConvertXToDVD video file because of its optimization. Another proggie will burn as is, and there won't be any room for the source file.

    According to VSO per their guide on hardware optimization, ConvertXToDVD doesn't use it although it's available. Believe me many have questioned this. I'm almost positive that there is software out there that will use it and speed things up even more. Thing is how reliable is it either hardware-wise or customer support-wise?

  14. I don't know I tried to delete it via the edit option and it wouldn't do so. Can you please delete that double post for me or ask Lightning to do so if needed? I don't know why it double posted, but when I noticed it I tried to go into the edit function and delete everything and then save that deleted file but it wouldn't take.

  15. The larger output files were done with the convert x to video app. I meant to say that before. I would convert certain files weather MKV, MPG, or video TS and the resulting. Mp4 file using h point 264 plus a ACC would come out way larger than what other apps would make it out to be. Vso told me that's because they were a better quality. But I don't believe that for a second. 

    I found out of sync audio and certain other issues with some video files that I had processed earlier before. I think they were done with that other app that I told you about which I'm fighting about. They're convert x to DVD somehow limits the output to about 2.4 or something gigabytes no matter how many files you put in more or less. I've converted two maybe three MP4 files to VTS using convert x to DVD and the resulting file was always a little less than 3 GB or just a little more. I don't know how they do it but the results were pretty decent enough to watch at least. I think I'm going to limit it to just one video per DVD or maybe two. Also I noticed that convert x to DVD will not use the hardware optimization option. I think it has to do with the frames per second for video DVD. Although using the CPU as software for the conversion I think does raise the frame per second to about 48 to 54 more or less depending on how the program sees fit.

  16. Okay so that's what the support is all about lately huh! yes they told me they were moving but they just didn't tell me that that's why the support has been low as of late. they just for the sake of pride try to tell you this, and that, and try to do this, and try to do that, you know how it goes. Anyway I've got their other software the convert x to video and that seems to be running pretty well except that the output file is way larger than what any of the other conversion software I used used to output to. you tell vso that and they tell you that even though their output file is larger, that quality is better, though I don't believe that for one second because it isn't true.

    I'm never going to mess with MKV files as long as I can do without them. I just ran into a whole sort of problems again, and it looks like I just might have to do everything over again. which is fine with me because now I know that I've rechecked everything. The subtitles will just not sync with MKV files that much at all! best thing is to just download the video in a minute or two than to try to sync those subtitles believe me. I've never been able to sync them.

    You think a little bit along the way is that I do myself. What's going on that things haven't been so well and they're moving? I mean there in France somewhere I think right?oh maybe they started out as a French company and there's somewhere in the Netherlands. It pretty much doesn't mean anything with them because they're not into any ripping software.

  17. Wow! That's a lot of power there on Sony's end. Blu-ray really hasn't replaced DVD. They took a big gamble and pretty much won in a different way. 

    I use VSO myself. Though lately the support hasn't been that good floabw. When you start telling the customer to look all over, take snapshots, blah blah blah, then basically there is no support. 

    Why is it a file will be an issue in one proggie, and the same file will flow like butter in another? Happens all the time.

    Thank God we started this thread as I mentioned. I went back and discovered all sorts of files that need processing. Either to DVD or MP4 etc...

    Will players usually play a VTS folder burned as data? Or safest bet is to burn as DVD Video? Thanks.

  18. Well I meant any discount store. Trisonic is a pretty household name in many parts. I just would like to know what they code out to and your take. They run for about 3 for 2 bucks, so if they code out MCC why not.

    You mean Sony can dictate what other Blu-ray players can or can't do? Or just their players? Many Blu-ray players are even more adaptable to the many formats than say the PS4. Sony decides outright what Blu-ray does? 

    That 256GB flash drive sounds like a nice monster to have in one's arsenal! They last like crazy! 

    Well after checking some already encoded files it looks like some were poorly converted. Thank God we started this discussion. Now I have to re-rip, convert, and burn some already processed files. This time I'm throwing everything into either the PC or Player right afterwards. 

    Definitely have to stick with the usual suspects when it comes to encoding, transcoding, decoding etc... Stay away from WinXDVD. The promise looks and sounds great though more than not it's defective. Shame! I actually liked what they are offering. 

  19. I'm glad we're talking. I haven't actually put anything I've burned to play and see what happens. I just did and saw that one of my Batman DCAU files was still in .AVI. Oh well now I'm going to recheck and re-encode whatever's needed. I too reassuringly take a good burn at face value. God knows they're could be ghost files in there.:lightbulb:

    I swore ImgBurn had FixVTS within to do just that with any out of sequence structure. 

    If you get a chance swing by any .99¢ and check out those Trisonic DVD blanks. See what coding on the MID you get.

  20. Thanks so much! You're not paranoid believe me. Though HDDs have come a long way they're still susceptible to some kind of defect, failure, etc... I'm reorganizing my whole set up and doing just that. Only thing I hate to waste space on a new blank with just one .mp4 file. If I put several on a DVD disc than it'll either be part of a series, or closely related movies. This last way I don't really like because filing them away then becomes an issue alphabetically. Is that why you just put one .mp4 on a DVD? There's a science to making a collection. Let me know.

    Also let me know about the DVD restructuring if any by ImgBurn. I'll look it up as well.

  21. Ok so I couldn't find the edit function on my last post so here I am. I must admit that ever since I started using imgburn I never ever really had any issues with it as a burning application. The only thing I ran into was the upper and lower filter situation which was way over 10 years ago, and only on certain situation. I have a question. Does imgburn do any kind of file restructuring when it is getting ready to burn a DVD VTS folder? I think fix VTS is incorporated or no? Reason I ask is because I've used other programs where if you throw the VTS folder into the program as is sometimes it tells you that the DVD file structure is not right. So I'm wondering if there is some kind of sequence where it does have to be right? 

    The new spindle so far coded out MCC-004-00. Great! Guess their DVD+R are MCC mostly. I also noticed that there's a RW on the disc as well. So are the DVD+R rewriteable? I was under the impression that they would say DVD+RW?

    Would you burn your best of the best videos as DVD even if you have a solid .mp4 file? I'm only hesitating because we're talking an easy hundred or more.

  22. I haven't went into Bluray ripping/copying/burning yet as I've been hesitant to use Dual layer media. Has it been particularly good and consistent for a while? Bith DVD and Blu-ray DL? 

    My last 4 spindles more or less have been those Shiny DVD-R Verbatim that coded out CMC MAG 3. I'm hoping they hold up for a bit, being that rumor etc... that CMC cleaned up their act. I'm staying with the DVD+R hoping they code out MCC. They'll be here Wednesday? My luck nothing close by on this order from Amazon. Gave me $5.00 credit. I hope they don't go down the drain because of this divorce! Stranger things have happened. You go Verbatim with DL also? Thanks.

  23. Thanks! I had that same issue with the MKV files, and subtitles were also pita at times. Trisonic is the answer to really crap merchandise at an affordable price and way better quality. They make everything! They're pretty steady with the CDS and DVDs they sell price wise, so just maybe they're right stuff. I'll be pulling the trigger on the DVD+R from Amazon myself. Seems the Verbatim are the only consistent lot from way back. They even have them ahead of the TYs. So TYs really weren't better at no time?

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