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  1. It would be cool to see a simple Copy feature where you hit copy put your disc it, it rips it to a Temp file, ejects, asks you for the blank burns and deletes the Temp file so I don't have to rip and burn manually every time.
  2. I know this is old, but if anyone has had this issue, the reason was because what ever dvd image/files you are trying to burn are not right. or the Image/files are a bit too big for the DVD and you are skipping the warnings and burning anyway. to double check use DVDshrink to re encode the DVD fast into an image file and try burning the image it makes. hope it helps for anyone having this issue.
  3. wow! Thanks for the fast reply. and Incremental did the trick, thanks a lot. and thanks for the great app.
  4. Hi. I have been using this program for a long time and never had any problems. I use PIONEER DVD-RW DVR-110D and it works great. I recently changed media to HP DVD-R 16x(RED LABEL) and memorex 16x. The strange problem I have is that the disc will burn great. I test the movie in 3 different stand-alone and they work. Then when I put it back in my PC, my PC doesn't recognize the disc. So far its only with these media I tried. whats even weirder is that if I burn the disc, and it finishes and I don't eject the disc, it picks up and start my PowerDVD and plays fine. I eject it, put it back in and it doesn't recognize it. I burn my discs at 8X and sometimes 6x (if 8X fails). I will also add that if I burn with Nero, it works perfectly in my PC. I just don't like nero tho, its slow and makes a lot of coasters, so if anyone can help me out, it will be very much appreciate it. Thank you.
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