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  1. Quote


    Have you ever been able to grab a dual-cap DVD player with a Samsung Model SE-208 and with the IMGBurn version

    I did not have any problems with the Verbatim, but I bought a MediaRange box and finalized the grab, but when I tried to reproduce it on the DVD I said I had no disco.

    For sure, they say that he intended to grab his "Video_TS", or that he has the same DVD video.

    Thank you and hope you have a solution.



    google translate gives me this, i assume the 'mediarange' disk is cmc ink and not good quality.

  2. one way would be to convert your mono file to stereo by using this simple guide , using free software 


    you can then burn your stereo .wav file with imgburn.

    i'm not sure that imgburn will do any mono/stereo conversion.

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