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  1. it looks like you don't get ads on the small/normal site package you have, that's a good thing

    as the saying goes,you pay your money and make your choice, hosting can be very expensive on dedicated servers

    choose wisely


    i don't know how many posts luk has the 5 stars set at, and why does that matter to you?


    its not about how many posts you make, on a help forum, surely the content of your post should be more important?

  2. Oh can you tell me the advantages of a paid website compaired to a paid one? and what company is hosting your domain? Oh ya one more question do you have to pay permonth or can you pay just once, straight up? :)

    i use one.com for several domains and am satisfied with their service

    i pay yearly for hosting and 5 yearly for domain names

    when i tried free hosting, there were ads everywhere, i don't want that.

    free hosting was very slow loading as well

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