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  1. Hello everyone, The first time I run ImgBurn after a reboot, it is able to lock the drive without issue and burn the iso. The second time I run ImgBurn and attempt to burn an ISO, I get the "Unable to lock drive - access denied" error. I don't think it is another program accessing the drive, since I am always able to lock the drive with ImgBurn the first time it is run. I have reproduced now with every reboot, so it is something I need to deal with. Any ideas on what may be causing this odd behavior? It can always lock the first time, but every time I try after that, I get the unable to lock error. I have unchecked the check box for this check, so I am able to burn successfully, but I am curious why this is and how to protect my drive while burning. Cheers, Tom
  2. Hello, Like everyone else, I am excited to see the great image burning functionality of DVD Decrypter once more available and was wondering if ImgBurn is compatible with other programs that call DVD Decrypter to burn ISO images? It would be great to be able to use this automated functionality once again. Cheers, Tom
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