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  1. Nope, AFAICS the suggested procedure converts the *.ts file to some other format. I don't want to loose resolution. And surely I don't want to change the bitrate. Using Xine the *.ts file plays fine in 1920x1050i (verified on a Dell 2407WFP). According to Wikipedia there is some format called 3x DVD. Can Imgburn generate this format? If not, then I would guess this would be a cool extension. Regards Harri
  2. Hi folks, I got some *.ts file (about 7.5 GByte, 1920x1080i, AFAICS), and I would like to write it in HD-DVD format on a DVD+-R (DL) without loosing resolution or sound quality. Is this supported? I understand that it won't play in a regular DVD player, of course, but it should play on a HD-DVD player. Regards Harri
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