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  1. Yes, my request can certainly be classified as a "nice to have" type of request rather than a "must have" type, and there are likely things that many users would consider to be far more important. It's just a little thing that would help bring a smile to my face. Quite true. Periodically, I tell myself that I'm just wasting my time verifying all of these discs (I burn about 50 or so per month), but every time I stop verifying them, something bad happens that makes me turn the verify back on. That's why I search backwards through the log to find the write time...
  2. Yeah, I can understand that you wouldn't want to add more options, since there are a LOT there already . What would be nice is if it could fall out of the custom ordering stuff - with perhaps sorting being the automatic default...
  3. I too would like this. I find it a bit difficult to search through a log to find the times, and I too always check the times to make sure that everything went OK.
  4. By this, I suspect you mean that it always burns the files in sorted order (with version But I'm talking about the order that it places the file names in the list box itself when you drag and drop them into ImgBurn's build window. It just appends them onto the bottom of the list. So later, after the burn, when I write the filenames onto the DVD with my permanent marker (copying them from the ImgBurn list box to the DVD), I get them out of order. I know it's my fault for being careless in initially ordering them, but it would be nice if ImgBurn could help me out by sorting them as they are added to the list box.
  5. While in build mode, when I drag and drop XVID movies into ImgBurn, they are shown as a full pathname in the order that I drop them, rather than sorted alphabetically by movie name. However, when I use my permanent marker to copy all of the titles from the ImgBurn display onto the disc after burning it, if I'm not careful I will list the movies in the wrong order (the same order that I dragged them into ImgBurn). This is a problem since most (all?) players will play them in alphabetical order, regardless of how they are burned. So from my perspective, it would be really nice to have an option so that ImgBurn could automatically sort the title display based on the movie name (to protect me from myself ). Note that Nero does this by default.
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