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  1. A few years ago there was a shooting in the town I live in, a small market town with a population of a couple of thousand. Three postal inspectors visited a local postmans house investigating undelivered mail, he opened the door and shot one dead and left the another fighting for his life, fortunatley he survived. The postie who pulled the trigger was a respected and well liked member of the local gun club, when police searched his house they found a number of unregistered guns that had been illegally obtained through other members of his gun club. He joined the gun club because he was genuinly intrested in range and clay pigeon shooting, all pretty harmless but it can and does lead to more unsavoury and deadly intrests. This guy had a couple of semi-automatic weapons in his house! All this happened in front of my seven year old nephew who was riding up and down the pavement(Sidewalk) on his bicycle. If it wasnt for the amazing courage of two people just walking past and the third postal inspector who jumped the guy while he was trying to reload and kicked fuck out of him I dread to think what would have happened to my nephew. This lunatic was ready to shoot anybody who got in his way and all this started because because he fancied having a go at shooting on a range a few years earlier. If he hadnt have had those guns he would not have created another widow and two more orphans, the gun he used to kill was legally registered and licenced.



  2. BUT, here's a bigger question. Regardless, WHERE did they get it? :) If Gallifrey was destroyed in the Time War... :unsure:


    Maybe the original thinkers in the cult of Skaro anticipated defeat and stole it before the final battle as a means to ensure Dalek survival. Adapting TimeLord technology to fit Dalek puposes would take time, so I would guess they stole or captured it quite a while before the final battle.



    But, why would the Daleks put themselves in a prison? As for any situation like this, the Time Lords, of course, NEVER thought they'd lose it to the Daleks. Same with any prison. It's great IF the prisoners don't rise up and take it over for themselves. :wink:


    Desperation would be the only reason why they would do it. They knew they were in danger of losing and used it a last resort to ensure survival. :unsure:

  3. Crikey db! My heads spinning just reading your theories!! :wacko: You know way too much about Daleks! :worthy::worthy:


    Just watched "Doomesday" again tonight and Mickey asks the Dr if the Timelords put the Daleks into the prison ship and he doesnt answer, so that leaves it open for interpretation IMHO. Looking at the way the Daleks operate the controls on the side of the Ark, they fit the Daleks suckers perfectly. That sort of suggests to me that it was built by the Daleks from stolen timelord tech. It makes sense to me that way, anyway. :huh: Otherwise it gets way too confusing for me :ermm: Why would the Timelords imprison Daleks using technology that would be invaluble to them if they did escape? :/ The Timelords arent that stupid, are they? :o

  4. I agree, the Dr did say it was a prison ship. But he didnt say that the Timelords imprisoned the Daleks in it, my feeling is that the Daleks stole a prison ship and then stored Daleks in it while they hid in the gap between worlds. Just a thought.


    On the ghost thing, once everybody got used to the fact that they werent going to harm anyone you would start to wonder who it was who kept returning to the same place all the time. And as Jackie has been very lonely since Rose and Mickey went off, I suppose it was just wishfull thinking on her part. The one person who is dead that she misses more than Rose would possibly be her dad.


    The Dalek in "Dalek" was badly damaged in the time war, possibly in the final battle that saw the Timelords and the Daleks wiped from history. It's a fair assumption that it would then beleive that the Daleks had been totally wiped out for ever once and for all. It wouldnt know about the Cult of Skaro Daleks that hid in the gap when things began to look terminal for the Daleks. I agree, Davies has thrown up a lot of anomalies and I reckon if pushed he would use the parallel world scenario to explain it. They Cybermens history gets just as complicated with Mondas being destroyed in 1984, I think it was :wacko:

  5. Just exactly how trust worthy are you blu? (try not to take that personally!)



    If you want an unbiased opinion, then I will vouch for Blu. :D The bugger doesnt tell me anything, he just says "Search the forums!!!" =))=))

  6. Thanks to a certain, friendly magic dragon! :D



    Speaking of Genesis, received my R1 DVD on Saturday. (2008 will mark the 20th anniversary of when I first saw it on PBS. :)) Ah, there is a reason why it is considered the greatest Doctor Who serial of all time! It still holds up today. And, to have Tom Baker finally on a commentary... sweet!



    Everytime I hear Toms voice now I think of little britain!! Vicky Pollard versus the Daleks!!!! =))=))=)) Yeah, but, no, but, exterminate!!!

  7. Speaking of Invasion, I can't believe the BBC is actually using one of MY ideas! :D Supposedly, in November, original series story, The Invasion, is going to be released on DVD. And that the two missing episodes will have Cosgrove-Hall (Danger Mouse, Count Duckula) animation synched to the surviving off-air recordings to replicate the missing episodes.



    I looked at that earlier, theres a preveiw on the beeb's site if you havent seen it already. Only short, but looks good.


    Click here.


    Happy birthday you scouse git! :D:happybday::cheerleader::juggle::hippy::drinks:



    I hope Worzel Crouch scores tomorrow to make your day complete!!



    Ok, I lied a little. :whistling: Maybe add twenty years and thats a bit closer!! :(


    Thanks for the greets guys. :D



    Actually this brings back sad memories, the final post I made at the last place was to thank Shamus for wishing me Happy birthday. I was never able to log in again :(

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