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when burning xbox 360 discs


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i have the image its .iso and .dvd

in the .dvd there is the layer break settings

shall i change option in imgburn for layer break from optimal to specified and enter layer break settings


or i burn image without changing settings


will it burn the image from layer break settings in .dvd file

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this is the name of the game file

Need For Speed Shift [MULTI5][XBOX360][PAL][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM].dvd




Need For Speed Shift [MULTI5][XBOX360][PAL][WwW.GamesTorrents.CoM].iso


when i open .dvd file with notepad this what inside





is this ok


shouldent the name (vts-nfss.iso) be (Need For Speed Shift [MULTI5][XBOX360][PAL]




is there anything wrong

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Technically, yes it should. (*)


Or rather the file should be called 'vts-nfss.iso' as clearly that's the name it started out with.


(*) In practice however, ImgBurn will go looking for a *.ISO with the same name (not extension) as the *.DVD file - and it'll find one because it exists.

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