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Any chance of a screenshot or something?


You post doesn't give us any clue as to how you're attempting to do it.

Thanks for the reply. Tried both using the "Browse" to video title and "copy/paste". Same window pops up that reports an "unhandled exception" and refuses to move the file to ImgBurn. In details it talks about the program not having a "Debug" function. Same problem with TsRemux.


I am not sure how to get a screenshot of this transitory box. gil

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If you want to take screenshots in Windows 7 it comes with little program called Snipping Tool, which can be found in the Start Menu/All Programs/Accessories.


You can take a screenshot of the entire screen, a window or just a selection of the screen, that you select.



When you have the file of the screen shot - Press the 'Use Full Editor' button here and attach the file.

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