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need help burning avi files to dvd + r


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So I'm a little confused on how to do what I'm trying to do. I've looked at several guides and a lot of them say different things, but since I don't really understand what I'm doing at all I could use some help. What's below is how I followed the instructions from a youtube video I watched:


- So I have 6 episodes of a show as .avi files.

- I used "any video converter" to convert them to "DVD Video NTSC Movie" or .mpg

- Then I used "Cucusoft Dvd Author" and did each file one at a time.

- Then I attempted to use Imgburn. . .


No dice. Am I doing a lot more than I need to? Because I feel like I am. Either way, it doesn't work.


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Well what do you mean exactly, did imgburn just not burn them? Or if it did and your player refused to play it? If imgburn burned your converted files to dvd format and did not play, then there is something wrong with the conversion and you need to check back with your program settings (any video converter / cucusoft dvd author).

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