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Young man survives ravine plunge


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Last Updated: Wednesday, July 19, 2006 | 9:02 AM PT

CBC News



An Australian man is recovering from a close brush with death after surviving a fall of nearly 30 metres into a ravine in East Vancouver on Tuesday.


The man, who had been drinking, climbed up onto a railing over the ravine near the Commercial Drive SkyTrain station, apparently looking for somewhere to relieve himself.


"I guess he was really drunk," said one witness. "He tried to grab on to the tree there, to climb down, and he fell all the way to the bottom."


Emergency officials say the man broke at least one bone, but will be OK, as branches slowed his fall.


Vancouver fire department Capt. Rick Matsen says it was obvious the man had been drinking until just moments before his fall.


"Well, it just so happens he had a beer with him when he was brought up," he said.


"Still in his hands?" asked a reporter.


"Still in his hands, yup. He held on to it pretty tight, I'm thinking," said Matsen.

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and after god knows how many beers a godess goes home with you and next morning you wake up and its OH MY GOD what did I do ,she's sleeping on your arm and right then you decide that you're going to gnaw it off rather than wake her :lol: ah beer the nectar of the gods :thumbup:

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