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Everyone wants a Disk Copy option


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Tonnes of people have asked for the Disk Copy option and I mean, tonnes:



Its a simple process:


1. Ask for number of copies, copying speed and other options

2. Read into temp folder

3. Start writing.

4. Delete contents of temp folder


Thats all. All the functionality is already there.


LUK has said:

It's not an excuse for not implementing it, it's the reason I don't use it - even if/when I could.


Seriously, it's too much messing around. Having a poll etc makes no difference to me at all and suggesting obvious things or things I've already commented on is just a waste of time.


I'm fully aware the program doesn't have a 'disc to disc' copy feature and it's not something I can see myself adding for a long time.


When I'm in the mood to do it, I'll do it. Until then, everyone will have to live without it.

Get in the mood LUK, have a beer or something :D.


So you've said many times you don't want to do it but you give no real reason as to why you wont do it other then: "I dont feel like doing it." Is it because you're afraid it will be labeled as a copying/piracy program to make illegal copies? Are you afraid they'll shut down your website and software and prosecute you? I think that's it, but at the least you should tell us why you're not doing this. You need to do some self-exploring as to why you're telling us you don't feel like doing it. You've done a lot in the program in any case already.

I can understand that if I was the owner, I'd be cautious of putting in the Copy function because I'd be afraid of being targeted legally. So maybe that would be something I'd have to think about it.


All you need to do is make a disclaimer every time the copying dialogue opens up: "Please do not use this program to make legal copies of disks. Illegal use of this program may result in criminal prosecution. ImgBurn respects copyright laws and does not copy copy-protected disks or evade piracy mechanisms. Usage of this program is as your own risk."


That's it, then you'll be safe. What do you think?


If we had some statistics as to what percentage of the usage of the software is actually used to (manually) make copies, it would probably be at least 20%, if not more.


So come on LUK, you gotta do this. Its like working out. Its hard, but you gotta it. Its good for you and for us. Its better than working out. :D


Seriously, do it, please. A lot of people will be thankful. The United States will declare your birthday as the 2nd Thanksgiving Holiday. Beer and chips instead of Turkey will be the official dinner.


Seeing how many requests for the Disk Copy have been ignored, this one will have the same fate but I still wanted to write this.


Its inconvenient having to do the manual copy. Its a great program though. I love being able to adjust the write speed.


Having said all this: Does anyone know of a *free* program that lets us make copies on the fly and adjust the write speed?

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I'll just say that is not a good start on this forum but anyway... Welcome to the forum :thumbup:


You see, looking at the suggestion section, many people come here just to demand something in a maner that more than often is not apropriate or has already given an clearly stated answer, and NEVER come back. Just examine the section and you will see how many users have just ONLY ONE post, the ONLY ONE that demands something without a followup with at least a line like "OK, I understand your point, thanks"


You quote what LUK said and highlight what you like but ignore the very fist line where he says the real reason. He don't use it, so he won't need it. Remember that is his program, his creation and will do whatever he wants with it. On top of that, he lets you and everybody who wants to use it for free, asking nothing in return. And to add more to that he runs this forum to help all the people who needs asistance in using the program.


Now for the legal reason you pretend...

It's already written on the first page of the site in BOLD "Please do not use this software to make illegal copies of copyrighted discs."

Adding or not the direct copy feature will not help you either in copying copy protected discs anyway. The program clearly say when you attempt it that "This disc is copy protected and ImgBurn cannot read copy protected discs"


And the last line... "Does anyone know of a *free* program that lets us make copies on the fly and adjust the write speed?" I don't want to add more...


Enjoy the program and the forum! :)

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