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ignore layer break when not burning


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good day, long time user of the excellent Imgburn.


just wanted to ask a question i couldn't find answer anywhere on the net.


can i choose IGNORE LAYER BREAK if i'm not going to burn the movie to a DVD-DL disc?


i'm planning to mount the ISO and just watch the movie on my PC.


am i still required to pick a layer break or would IGNORE LAYER BREAK work great?


thank you. :thumbup:

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If it's on your hdd...mount it and play it.


not really an answer to my question...


i have the VIDEO TS folder with the VOB files, i will convert it to ISO, IMGBURN asks for a Layer Break because the movie is 7GB, what i'm asking is, if i use the IGNORE LAYER BREAK, create the ISO and play it on my pc instead of burning to a DVD-DL, will the movie have errors or problems? cause i heard DVD-DL require the layer break, but no one told me if playing the movie on the PC by creating the ISO and mounting it would cause any problem or video error.


please clarify, thanks. :thumbup:

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