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And in this area ImgBurn is brilliant


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Well, after writing a post a few days ago lambasting ImgBurn I have found that it is brilliant in the area of burning bootable CD/DVD's.


I tried other programs like UBC4WIN, MagicISO, and BCD, and all of them had that 'something' that was lacking, or were too complicated, or had features which I did not want (especially UBC4WIN where it burns stuff to disk that I have no need for - a whole bunch of programs etc).


After taking the time to actually READ the info in the guide about burining bootable CDs/DVDs I found that the level of control was absolutely spot and allowed me to create ISOs and burn them with no problems at all. This learning process also made me understand that creating and burning ISOs is more of an art than I thought. I now have much more understanding of doing this process than I had before.


Thanks for this.

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