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divX/Vidx/mkv to DVD video playable on home dvd player


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Hi everybody

I'm a newbie and I would just like to introduce my self first so a big hi to everyone.

I'm more at home in car forums but have recently taken an interest in media.

Forgive me if I've made any errors or broken any rules when posting.


I have imgBurn and I want to be able to watch some of my files on my home dvd player.

How do transfer divX or mkv files to VIDEO DVD disc?

I tried earlier and the disc was unreadable because I presume it was recorded as a data disc.

I have figured out that I need to convert it first to video file and THEN burn it onto dvd disc using imgburn is that correct?

Can I do all this using ImgBurn or do I use another software first?


I have downloaded Any Video Converter and will try and convert the file first and then burn using ImgBurn.


I have searched this forum for similar problems but cant seem to find any help.

I have searched the internet but every thing I read is completely different each time.


I have tried some freeware that does everything in one step but I get a massive watermark all over the screen which I dont want and dont want to have buy any software to do this- unless I have no choice.


All I want is simplified proceudure and how to do it.

For example if someone says " use xxxxx to convert your vidX/mkv file to xxx format by clicking on the xxxx button. Then open ImgBurn and click the xxxx button and drag the converted file and click "burn"

That would be great and I'll buy you a a massive drink!!!


A million thanks in advance

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Please please please can someone tell me simply how to do transfer a vidX file to video DVD so I can watch on my home dvd.

I have used things like 'converXtoDVD' but the quality is very poor and there is a great big water mark.


How can I create a VIDEO_TS folder so I can then use imgBurn to burn a video DVD????


There must be a simple way.


what is the basic procedure to convert a vidX type of file or a torrent using some simple software in a simple step to create VIDEO_TS file.

Please............ I have spent a who week and about 20 dvd discs!!!

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I've not had an issue with video quality on ConvertXToDVD except when converting YouTube FLV files. That is, of course, down the quality of the image that the user posts. Plus, YouTube would have lesser quality files to keep the file sizes down and thus the download times down. The registered version does not have a watermark, as has been said; I can verify that if that's an issue. :lol:

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