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Coming from Nero


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I recently discovered ImgBurn and I regret it has taken me such a long time to discover this excellent piece of software.

I've been using Nero 6 since it came bundled with my drive (actually a few drives ago, but Nero just keeps on working).


So, you'll probably understand that I'm pretty used to the way Nero works and I'm just starting to learn the ins and outs of ImgBurn.

This is why I have a couple of questions about how to do things with ImgBurn. I hope you don't mind me asking.


1. Volume Labels

After I burned a certain kind of disc in Nero (say, a "DVD Video"), and I return to this window for another (say, "DVD Video"), Nero remembers the Volume Label I entered with my previous burn. I think this is quite convenient. Is there a setting somewhere in ImgBurn that makes the program remember my previous Volume Label?


2. Multiple Instances

In Nero, I can create a compilation for a disc, comparable to Build Mode in ImgBurn. Before I burn that compilation, I can open another instance of Nero, and create another compilation. I haven't found a similar possibility in ImgBurn, as it deletes my current compilation when I select "New Project". The workaround I'm using now is that I save my current project, and then create a new one. Is there a smarter way?


3. Batch burning of projects

As a result of point 2 above, I tried to create a couple of compilations and save these projects. Then I tried to "batch burn" them. This was not possible as the "batch burn" option only seems to recognize image files (like .iso files). Is there a way to "batch burn" predefined projects?



I realize the above may sound like I actually prefer Nero above ImgBurn. This is, of course, not the case. Not that I think Nero is bad; I just think ImgBurn is way cooler. :)

I'm only using the examples of Nero to make clear what I'm trying to ask: "What is the smartest way to achieve this" (if possible; and even if the answer is "this is not possible with ImgBurn", I'd still prefer ImgBurn).


Thank you for reading this and answering my questions!

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1. Nope, sorry.


2. ImgBurn is a 1 thing at once program and has what's known as an SDI - single document interface. Nero uses an MDI - multiple document interface. Saving the project or simply opening a 2nd instance of ImgBurn (via the usual shortcut or by pressing F12) would be the way to go.




3. Write mode's Write Queue is for disc images. A Build mode project file is not a disc image. You'd have to actually build the ISO files and have the program add them to the Write Queue, then switch to Write mode and burn them.

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First of all, thank you for your very swift reply!


1. No biggie, I just thought I'd mention it so you'd be aware there's (at least some) demand for it. :)

2. The F12 tip is very welcome! That'll save me quite some time. Thanks!

3. Yes, that's what I figured. The "Project > ISO > Write Queue"-route might be a bit inefficient, though. Maybe some sort of "queue" option for burning projects might just be an idea. Not that I can't live without it; especially now I know the F12 trick which will essentially do the same thing! ;)



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