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Windows 8 Consumer Preview


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Well, I played around with Windows 8 Consumer Preview and will offer my latest opinions and observations.



First off, ZoneAlarm 9 does not work with it at all. It won't even install. It returns the weird error to install "Microsoft Windows Service Pack (SP 1)." Not even which version of Windows to install it for, especially since there is no service pack for Windows 8 yet as it's not even released! :rolleyes:



ZoneAlarm 10 also doesn't work. It installs, but Windows 8 returns that it's got compatibility problems and never stops "initializing" when run after installation. This is on ZA, so, an updated version will need to be made before or shortly after Windows 8 ships.



My opinions stated before on Windows 8 are still valid. I think Microsoft will have an epic FAIL on Windows 8. Getting rid of the Start menu is a dumb idea. 17 years go, they forced everyone into using it and Windows 8 offers no viable option to replace it. I waited until I got a new PC with Windows 95 on it and thus be forced into using the Start menu. So, I won't get Windows 8 unless they restore the Start menu in a future service pack or until I'm forced to use it on a new PC. I will even still see if I can install my Windows 7 installation DVD on any new system to see if that's a viable solution before I ever switch to Windows 8.



Microsoft is only shifting over to touch screens so they don't have to write different versions of Windows. It's okay to add touch screen functions, but not to replace the standard interface with it. Plus the dumb decisions in Windows 8. Like that splash screen that starts when Windows starts. You have to click down, hold it, and move it up to get rid of it before you can log into Windows. What the fuck is up with doing that? What in the HELL does that splash screen do other than a useless extra step to access the log in prompt that you need to access first to start Windows?! :angry:

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This has been my experience (red indicating not good):


Windows 3.1
, Windows 98se,
Windows ME
, Windows XP,
, Windows 7


From what I've read, I think Windows 8 will do nicely to continue the pattern. My favorite Microsoft OS is Windows XP. As for Windows 7, there are a lot of little things that are annoying, but I put up with it because of the few improvements and it came pre-installed on my laptop. The desktop and me are quite happy with XP.

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I have also tried the Win 8 preview, absolutely hate it. I had Windows XP for ages, and I skipped over Vista. I was given a copy of 7 by a mate (an IT Technician) two weeks after it hit the shelves, and I have never gone back since. I will probably do the same to Win 8 and skip it. If windows turns to crap there is still Ubuntu to use, in fact I use Ubuntu more than Windows at the moment. I know Windows wants a piece of the exploding smartphone and tablet market, but please, don't change the desktop version, otherwise I'll use 7 until it's obselete.

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I think Windows 8 was made for PAWS and not mouse control. It's maybe for animals and children under 5. I hope to never use it in this life time or any other.

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