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7.92gb file burned to Verbatim DL 2.4x unreadable in XP


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I have this single 7.92gb file I burned onto Verbatim DVD+R DL 2.4x using Imgburn in UDF 1.02 mode. The burn goes at 2.4x speed and the verify finishes. But when I go into my computer to check the file on the disc, the file is there but is unopenable, and says "read only" in the details. I can't copy it or even right click the file. This file was burned straight onto the disc, no folders. This was burned using ASUS DRW-22B3S burner. I don't know how else to describe this problem. Any help?

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Can you post a log so we can see what you were doing?


It might also help if we knew what you burnt and what you expect to be able to do with it.


Screenshots of an Explorer window showing the contents of the disc would be nice.


If Explorer isn't showing the file on the disc, try looking at it using IsoBuster instead.


There's no reason for what you're saying has happened to be happening.


btw, all files on an optical disc (burnt normally) will say 'read only' :)

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