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Hi. I bought a domain at GoDaddy.com for $9.99 i think. But i dont know if it being hosted or paying per month. When I bought it does that just mean I own itand I can host at onother company? because I cant set up a FTP account  on it. I just get a control panel allowing me to make an email account on it. And if its not being hosted who (what company) its holding my domain fo me? I can go to my website and see the HTML/PHP or whatever of a boat in the backround and click on things but I don't know if it is being hosted by a server. Any help?

I only had it selected to expire after 1 year but doesn't that mean its hosted




P.S I want to delete my domain because a company already has crystalstream.com and if I do delete it wouldnt I have wasted $9.99 on it? or will I get my money back?


P.P.S If I type http://crystalstreaming.com/test.txt why wont it error out and say the file does not exist. Is that just the code of the websites default HTML/PHP

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