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Multisession capability?


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I would like to enquire if ImgBurn can make "Multisession" data discs.


Now I need to explain what I mean by "Multisession" in case this term does not mean the same here as I have always understood it.


By "Multisession" I refer to making a kind of backup to Re-Writable optical discs (whether CD-RW, DVD-RW, or BD-RE), where after making the first backup, you can reinsert the same disc and make a further backup which will add an additional track that only updates files changed since the previous backup session. When you read the disc it has the same files and folders but has updated only the changed files and folders, while making no changes to the unchanged files and folders. This saves space on each backup session, saves backup time, and avoids having to erase the disc and start afresh for each backup session. You only need to erase the disc once it has become full with subsequent backup session tracks.


To be more technical in explanation here is an extract from a Nero manual which explains what I am looking for in "Multisession" data burning:


- - - - Multisession CDs - Extract from Nero 6 User Guide: - - - -


7.3 Data CD (Multisession)

7.3.1 General

If you want to create a data CD that consists of several sessions, we advise that you create a Multisession CD. Every complete write process with Nero on a CD, from inserting the CD you want to write to the CD being ejected, generates a session on the CD. A session in turn contains one or more tracks. All CDs with several sessions are 'Multisession CDs'.
... Multisession CD for linked files
Instead of writing the unchanged data again with every session (i.e. every backup procedure), Nero only  writes cross-references to a previous CD track which contains the unchanged file. Only the changed files are completely re-written.

By activating the two checkboxes 'Replace files in compilation' and 'Add new files to compilation' in the 'Options' section you will ensure that this actually happens.

... when individual sessions are linked to one another there must be some way of ensuring that the tracks (which have a definite connection to an existing CD) are not written to another CD by mistake.
For this reason Nero checks that the correct CD has been loaded for burning. If it hasn't, then the CD that has been loaded in error is ejected.


- - - - End of Extract - - - -


Can I create "Multisession" data discs (or whatever your term for this mode is) using ImgBurn?

If so, how do I do this?


I look forward to your comments.







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Hello Admin,


Thanks for replying.


Please could you consider adding such a capability to ImgBurn's repertoire. It is a useful function for backing up specific important limited areas of data, quickly and easily, to non-volatile media.





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