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sick as a pig


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it goes from bad to worse

ive lost a laptop due to some unknown fault , get blue screens of death before machine will boot up.

tried booting from original 2k cd, and the damn thing still wont have it , so looks like 40gb of years of things gone for a ride


then just when i resigned myself to it going tits up, the damn router packed up , so went and bought another type instead, and fook my luck, i get a faulty one :lol: , im only laughing because i cant cry anymore !!!


finally gets pcshitworld to exchange it ( its only 24 hours old and they want to test it first :doh: ...winkers :whatever: ) and wait for it ............... its not compatable with my wireless cards , despite what it says on the box and min requirements , and im fooked if im paying out 70quid for another card when ive got 3 already that work fine .


given the time of year, it looks like i now will have to do battle with the kids to get on this poxy machine now.


worse part is, i finally managed to get the 2 machiens to network with each other wirelessly, it only took me 8 months to figure out between wank2k and wankxp oldpro .ah well, lifes a bitch and then you die :teehee:

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Sounds like ur not having a very good day .......


Yeah I had some shits with Pen Drives recently, gone through two and just got the third. I lost some stuff but was able to recover most ....


Cheer up V, at least ur still healthy and able to walk on both feet ....


Ps: havent talked in awhile, hope other things are going well .....


Cheer mate !

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well i have to wait till tuesday, till i can get the laptop back to the manufacturers to see if its completely terminal or wether the hdd is rescueable ( is that really a word ?) ( if not , it is in volvoland :thumbup: )


what i need to know though , is ,if i can rescue the hdd, i can get a usb 2 external enclosure for a 2.5 inch drive and use it as another data drive . it wont boot the pc up as its usb (which is fine ) , but i really need to save .txt files that was on the desktop on that machine . they are mainly notes i've made over the years , things like settings in programs and the like .

i should be able to go into any folder that was on it and copy/paste info from it ( theres not to much i need as i backed most of it up about 3 weeks ago) apart from desktop items for some reason :( .


Can i recover any items that was on the desktop off this hdd ? the O/S was win2k pro. i dont know where win2k stores desktop items within windows, does anyone else know , any help will be much appreciated


on the router side, the new one is working fine now , and currently i dont have the need for the wireless side of it as i only have this 1 pc whih is working off 1 of my old cards

AVOID belkin routers, they are fookin rubbish , it kept overheating after 24 hours and had to be cooled down before it would reboot this is the 3rd one that i have had from them and the problem is across the board , 2 was replacements from belkin under the lifetime garantee .At least this on has been on for 42 hours now :) a netgear dg834g only 53quid all in :w00t: and you will never believe where from !! pcshitworld online, and collect from store . its still 89.99 in store


Hi Alien

things are fine here (apart from the reason for this thread), hope your doin fine as well ;)

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Hiya volvo mate. Been a little while.


Sounds like the data is real important. In this case, you might like to take the drive to a professional to extract whatever data might be on it.



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Thanks Blu , thats always an option, albeit an expensive one over here .


ive found the folder where all the desktop contents are stored .

it should be in C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop, well at least it is in xp pro , i guess 2k is the same , but i dont ahve a 2k machine to play on for a day or 2


for anyone else who didnt know as well , the location C:\Documents and Settings\user\Desktop is "C" = YOUR main drive and 'user" is what your logged on as . it could also be admin or guest


sometimes its frightening how easy it is to overlook the obvious , as this proves the case with me <---------:whatever:

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tommorrow (weds) is judgement day , place your bets. is it going to be


A ) a fiver for a new external enclosure for the hdd,


B ) 1000 pounds for a new decent PC .


C ) a dead hdd, dead Laptop and divorce because i spent so much on such a stupid thing ( her words :o , she what cant program the video to record when we are out :lol: )

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i wondered why people call me "Golden Bollocks" :lol:

turns out the resolve to my problem where a win 2k machine wouldnt boot and kept showing BSOD'S was 1 faulty RAM chip/module.

took the duff 1 ( of 2 ) out, and hey presto, instant boot up , confimed this by changing the RAM over, and instant BSOD . im down to 256 instead of 512, but up and running again



no fortune to be spent on a new PC.


90 quid for a 256 DDR RAM chip is a bit steep, but laptops have always been more expensive than the desktop equivalent, so i dotn mind paying as its the first major problem over 3 years with this PC


No having to try and resue data off the hdd, as its all still there :w00t: albeit it only 256 RAM now till the new chip arrives

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For future ref: There's a data recovery prog called Spinrite by Steve Gibson. Never used it - thankfully, never had to.


Anyway, glad you got things resolved matey.



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