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ImgBurn Installer flagged by Norton as OpenCandy

Keith Weisshar

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Anything that offers some commercial products on installing different branch can be considered adware. I'm pretty sure these ads in installers just made people upset so they marked it as adware and sent in to AV developers. Avast did not say anything, though...


From my personal POV, offering such commercials is intrusive and pretty dangerous. People often do not read what installer asks for and immediately click on Next without checking out what they agree with or what they install on their computer. Then they get upset when their homepage is changed and some vegas toolbar pops up in their browser, when they "agreed" with these settings on installation... I had couple of troubles when disinfecting computer from russian ICQ client called QIP that changed not only homepage to QIP.ru, but even changed code of IE browser to show it was provided by QIP.ru - then returning back to Seznam (czech search engine), it was in russian lang and offering AK-47. Sure there was adware that added couple of ads in the browser. I must say disinfecting that was a pain and I did not avoid fresh install of Windows. Sister installed that for writing with friends, of course the style I described - click on Next, again again again, finish. Hurry up to start chatting. Me and parents got upset when Seznam was gone...

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