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Which BD-R HTL disks to buy please?


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After hitting problems with some Verbatim LTH disks which don't work reliably with my recorder, please can you recommend some reliable BD-R HTL disks. Preferably with the exact name and details so I can find them on Amazon, or even better a link?


Reading the feedback on Amazon just confuses me as every product has someone who says it is good and someone who says it is bad.

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I will answer my own question.

Very few products say what they are, which is annoying.


I found that this page lists all the manufacturer ids and media type ids, so you can find out once you have bought the media:



If you buy from any manufacturer that includes LTH entries on that list you might find that is what you end up with.

If you buy from any brand not listed (such as Verbatim) then you get something that is on that list but you don't know what until you get it

Once you have the media you can run a program such as VSO Inspector on it, and find out what you have bought.


That appears to reduce the likely choices to Panasonic, Sony and TDK.

My previous TDK disks have been good and HTL. So I could have got more of those.

I decided this time to buy a box of Panasonic and a box of Sony, both from Japan (via Amazon).

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