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Bootable Disks - For Any OS?


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I want to burn partition managing software, an ISO,  to a bootable disk so's I can boot on it and partition and format this screwed up HDD.


The ISO is apparently not bootable. Like Imgburn doesn't say it is so I reckon it isn't.


So I will have to extract the files and then get Imgburn to  make a bootable ISO from them,  right?


And Imgburn will get a boot file from my local machine, right?


Now if my local machine is Win7 32 bit will that boot file be okay for use on any other kind of machine?  Like that boot DVD will boot on win10, winxp, whatever?


I think it will but I"m not sure. So I'm asking.


But what I am trying to install on that bad drive is Win7 64bit with added USB drivers and that ISO is going to have to be made bootable, too.  So's I can boot and install.


So will a disk made bootable with an OS ISO on it work okay when created in Win7 32 and used for Win7 x64?


I (obviously) don't have much understanding of these boot files.



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You'll be better off downloading something that can already do what you want and is bootable.


There are lots of ISO images floating around with hdd tools on them. I.e. Hiren's boot disc.


For the custom OS disc you want to make, get your modified source files prepared and then just follow the OS installation disc guide in the guides forum.

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