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Thumbnails and viewing pics


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I just burned pics to a CD

The thumbnails are blue and yellow

No indication what the pic is about

How do I get the thumbnails to show pic detail


Next question is when I open one, I can't advance to the next pic and the slideshow doesn't advance

I have to close the pic before I can open the next

Too time consuming

Appreciate some help


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That's not an imgburn problem. It only burns what you tell it to burn and how. That's it. Everything else is in your case down to what you use for image viewer of the images could be corrupt

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As for the first part, you probably have Details checked under View in File/Windows Explorer.  Try enabling Large Icons and see if it displays the contents of the images off of the disc you're talking about.  As for the 2nd part, as Ch3 said, that's down to whatever application you're using to view image files does.  You'd have to figure out how it behaves or change the viewer you're using to something like the Windows default application.

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